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महिलाओं को इंसाफ दिलाने के लिए राष्ट्रीय महिला आयोग नई दिल्ली की सदस्या डा. राजुलबेन एल देसाई ने सोमवार को जिला सचिवालय नूंह का किया दौरा।हरियाणा की नर्तकियों ने शिकारपुर पुलिस से मजदूरी को लेकर फरियाद किया, एसपी बेतिया से शिकायत करने पर भड़की शिकारपुर थाना पुलिस- तौकीर आलम जिला अध्यक्ष चंपारणसभी प्रदेशवासियों को दिपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं- अरसद हुसैन बैंसी सरपंच व भाजपा के जिला किसान Morcha अध्यक्षहरियाणा वासी और देशवासियों को दिपावली की हादिक शुभकामनाएं- अरसद हुसैन बैंसी सरपंच व भाजपा जिला किसान Morcha अध्यक्षसभी देशवासियों और प्रदेशवासियों को दी दिपावली की हादिक शुभकामनाएं- अरसद हुसैन सरपंच बैंसी

Comprehensive Note On Activities Specifying The Section 2(15) Of IT Act

  1. The organization is working social purposes work since 09.3.2012.  The organization is distributing books among the poor children. The organization is distributing clothes among the poor people. The organization is distributing working only for social purposes and for the relief of poor people. Sometimes the poor student is not allowed to enter in the school for not paying the fees. Our organization is paying the fees of the poor children who are not able to pay the school fees.
  2. The Organization is opening Silai and Kadai Centre for the girls and women so that they could be dependent on herself. The organization is arranging teacher for training the girls for Silai and Kadai. Now the girls and women in the Mewat City are earning by working in shops.
  3. The organization is opening computer center in the villages so that the young people of the villages could now the operation of computer. The young people got the computer knowledge at free of cost. These are very helpful for the young people. Now the young people can fill their vacancy forms themselves.
  4. The people of villages are facing very problems while going with the govt department. They did not know about the processing in the govt department. Our organization is teaching the people about the working in govt department, so that they could not face any problems.
  5. The organization is working for the benefit of handicapped people so that they could be a working man or women. We have arranged candle making programme, box making and making of other cosmetics items, for the handicapped people. Now the handicapped people are busy in making these things and are earning their bread and meal.
  6. The name of the organization is All India Social Crime and Anti Corruption Organization. Some times the people of villages are not given proper information in the various departments. They are given false information. They are forced to pay some money for the useful information and forms. When the organization gets the information about it we went with the people in various departments and provide all the information required by them.
  7. The aim of the organization is to provide relief to the poor people. The organization will do its best for the poor people and for the advancement of the general public utility. The organization maintaining below key factors for coming events to be held:-

A    Marriage of poor boys and girls.

B    Opening of schools and Computer Centers.

C    Constructions of toilets in villages.

D    To provide tricycles and rickshaws to the Physically Handicapped persons.

E    To arrange blood donation, eye checkup and health check up camps for the general public.

  1. The ibid activities are covered under Section 2 (15) of the Income Tax Act.